Falcon Olympics

Our 37th Annual “JOG-A-THON” fundraiser will be held IN PERSON on November 5th!! We have a great outdoor kickoff assembly coming up for this year’s, “Falcon Olympics”!

Our goal this year is to raise $40,000. With your support, we can meet this goal to fund all the incredible programs and events that benefit Falcon Academy students. Plus they have a fantastically fun day to look forward to!

Pledging starts NOW!

Falcon Academy students will be able to collect pledges online, with Pledgestar, the familiar website we’ve used in the past. This is ideal for family and friends both near & far as well as for sharing on social media.  

Set up is easy!  Go to https://pledgestar.com/falcon/  and then follow the directions to register your student!

Cash and checks are also accepted.  Please make checks payable to Fanning PTA and return to your teachers in the pledge envelope by October 31st to qualify for prizes!

November 5th
Falcon Olympics

All students will receive a “swag bag” prior to the day of the event – no pledges required. The bag will include a free Falcon Olympics t-shirt along with donations from local businesses.  Students can qualify for individual prizes, class prizes, and Schoolwide Goals. The Top 25 pledge earners will be invited to an exclusive prize event!

Students wear their NEW t-shirts provided in their “swag-bag” by the Falcon Academy PTA and participating sponsors.

Student Prizes!

All participating students will get the Tier 1 prizes: A SOAR Card and Homework Pass

Students earning at least $25 will receive the Tier 2 Prize (TBA) plus the lower tier prizes.

Students earning at least $75 will receive the Tier 3 Prize (TBA) plus the lower tier prizes.

Students earning at least $125 will receive the Tier 4 Prize (TBA) plus the lower tier prizes.

Students earning at least $200 will receive the Tier 5 Prize (TBA) plus the lower tier prizes.

Top 25 Students

The Top 25 students who raise the most pledge dollars will be invited to participate in a special Grand Prize Event.

Class Prizes!!

The top two earners in each class will receive a special accessory to wear on Falcon Olympics Day.

The class with the highest participation rate will receive extra recess and a special treat.

The class with the highest donations will get a Class Party!

Schoolwide Prizes!!!

At least $10,000 for a music day at lunch.

At least $20,000 to have a bubble mania recess.

At least $30,000 for a special treat that will be distributed after school.

At least $40,000… A Surprise with The Principal, Mrs. VanDine!

Falcon Academy PTA would like to express our thanks to the parents, sponsors, and volunteers for their support in making this event possible and memorable for the students. Your participation will make this event successful and fun!

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