Falcon Play



District-Wide Play Production


Get ready for the spotlight! Falcon is proud to host an annual district-wide play, inviting students from kindergarten to sixth grade across the Brea Olinda Unified School District to come together and shine on stage. And this year, the excitement is reaching new heights as we present our production at the esteemed Curtis Theater right in our city!

Why is it so important for your young stars to be part of this dazzling experience? Participating in our district play offers a host of benefits. Not only does it foster creativity and self-expression, but it also promotes teamwork, confidence, and communication skills. Our young performers have the opportunity to embrace their unique talents, learn from one another, and develop a strong sense of community.

The Curtis Theater provides a professional and supportive environment, allowing our students to showcase their talents on a real stage, leaving them with memories that last a lifetime. It’s not just a play—it’s an adventure, a chance to make friends, and a platform to discover and embrace their individuality.

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